Friday, 12 July 2013

10 Signs Your Quarter-Life Crisis Is Looming and Why You're Excited About It!

When you reach your almost-middle-20's like I'm kinda-almost-about-to, you experience certain situations that make you feel extremely old, like post-37 old. Some of these everyday things may not mean anything to other people, but sometimes they make you think "Whoa. Curse Word. I'm getting old!" Here are some of my recent "Old Moments"...

1) When filling in forms with date of birth drop-down boxes you find yourself scrolling down for what feels like an eternity. (Why are people born in 2011 given the option to fill in these forms???)

2) Going out consecutive nights in a week is not only daunting but almost downright impossible! (Dinner on a Monday and a comedy show on a Tuesday?! Easy tiger! You're such a party animal)

3) Your would be one-minute hangover has now entered its 36th hour and all the Gingerbeer and fried eggs in the world isn't helping!

4) You now find yourself thrusting your driver's license at confused cashiers and bouncers at clubs (and even restaurant entrances).

5) You've just been sent the reminder to renew said driver's license.

6) You're not married yet so you can't sit at the adult table, but you have nothing to talk to the kids about because they have no idea who The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are.

7) 1996 feels like 10 years ago because 2003 feels like yesterday!

8) You get excited when big department stores have a sale on linen (your towel and duvet collection is coming along nicely).

9) When people cancel plans you rejoice in the fact that you don't need to leave home or your slippers.

10) All your favourite sports stars are younger than you and infinitely more successful than you'll ever be, but that's ok, cos you have comfy pants...