Friday, 21 June 2013

Ablaze sets Baxter on Fire

Apologies for the really cliche headline but there are simply no other words to describe the show put on by Afrika Ablaze in their new production entitled Raw Silk. Written, choreographed and produced by founder Glenda Jones the story tells one that is often ignored in South Africa - the story of the street children struggling to survive among the dregs of society. It focuses on their hopes of a better life often with the smallest amount of faith that they'll ever achieve their dreams.

The electrifying dancing and singing will pull you into their world. My companions for the evening were visibly entranced by the array of legs on display... no prizes for who was with me! What made the show even more special was that you can see the excitement and joy the performers radiated, their energy and enjoyment was infectious.

If you have have nothing else keeping you warm tonight or  tomorrow, there are still some tickets available through Computicket.

Thanks to Tasneem Jakoet for the heads up of this brilliant performance!

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