Monday, 19 November 2012

The 7 Month Itch

I’m a very restless person, although I’m super organised: I hate routine, because I bore easily. I like change and new challenges. Which is why I get scared when my entire work-week seems to be one long day with an equally long headache. I can’t accept that this is what the next 43 years of my life will be like.

It’s for this reason that I’ve made a conscious decision to throw myself out of my comfort zone and look for new adventures in life, especially while I have the opportunity and I’m not tied to any real responsibilities.

I feel like I’m having a mid-life crisis in my twenties already, where I’m stuck between who I want to be and where I am, and I’m the only person standing in my way.

I’ve finally learned how to deal with my own personal Regina George (I mentally beat her with a baseball bat and imagine her dying alone and eventually being eaten by her cats) [I'm joking!] and now it’s time to tackle myself!

I’m not completely unhappy, I just need to shake things up a bit, maybe set some Summertime resolutions. My horoscopes for the month of November all encourage me to say “yes” to invitations and events (advice I need to start taking) and also to be thriftier and save money (something I need a little encouragement with).

It’s scary to think the year is almost at a close (& for those that fear it - the end of the world in about 30 days). I’ve learned so much this year, but I don’t feel I’ve accomplished all I’ve wanted to do. Hopefully soon I’ll feel like my five-year-plan is back on track and I'll again start ticking things off my "vision-board for life".

My motto for the week:
"The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance." - Nathaniel Branden

*This post was largely inspired by a woman I met last week who took us through the process of becoming more assertive... Thank You Heidi, your push was just the encouragement that was needed!

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