Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Jarrydification of Romance Movies: Why I'm forced to cry during comedies now

I managed to hide the tears threatening to fall down my cheeks as we watched "Last Vegas" last weekend. Yes, it was a comedy, but old people losing the one love of their life after 40 years together? Depressing! Think Ellie in Up. Or Hachiko. Still not sad? Do you even have emotions?

Anyway, it was during this that I realised what the problem with Romance movies are. In real life you'll never love people the same formulaic way they depict on the big screen. It is absolutely impossible, but in Hollywood the formula rarely changes, unless of course you're the exception, which can eventually become a cliche too. It's a vicious cycle and always leads to ridiculous expectations of grand gestures & stadium proposals with flash mobs. Or worse, "Forever Alone" feminists reeking of desparation waiting for Ryan Gosling / Channing Tatum / insert stereotypical movie hottie.

Life is too short to live on the hope that something amazing will happen. Recognize the amazing in the everyday. It takes guts to be your absolute self in front of someone and it's the best feeling when you can laugh with them everyday.
A colleague once told me something she told her husband, "as long as you make me laugh I'll love you," Words to live by I say!

Movies that realistically depict love:
1) He's Just Not That Into You

2) Juno

3) PS) I Love You

 4) 500 Days of Summer

 5) The Break Up

Romance Movies I've Managed to get Jarryd to watch:

1) 50 First Dates (cos he forgets we've watched it before)
2) Runaway Bride (Probably cos he thought it sounded sporty)
3) Fast & Furious Franchise (Cos in between the love for cars, there's ultimately a love story)
4) Nemo (a father's love for his son is an unbreakable bond)
5) Mean Girls (cos who doesn't love Mean Girls)

The Ones that are absolutely banned from the viewing list:

1) Anything slightly related to Nicholas Sparks.

I don't mind the movie choice debates though, they're part of the little things that make me laugh everyday <3