Thursday, 6 December 2012

All I want For Christmas...

It's just over 2 weeks to go till Christmas. I really love this time of year, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas (religious affiliations aside) is a joyous thing! Quality time spent with family and friends, reflecting on the year that has passed and preparing for the new, bringing joy to others that are less fortunate than you are and all round festivity. December is also my birthday month which means double the presents...which for those that know me well, can prove rather daunting... Kidding! (I'm lying)

I've decided to do a little Wish List to help those who struggle with gift buying, bear in mind that it is very biased (and female orientated) Happy Shopping!

If you know the person really well...
My absolute favourite gift to get is a good bottle of perfume. At the moment I'm the biggest Marc Jacobs fan, and would love to add his newest edition to my collection:

DOT - "Dot carries a lush, effervescent floral scent perfect for every eclectic, spontaneous female. Features top notes of red berries, mid notes of jasmine and base notes of driftwood for a bold, feminine scent."

Bieber Tickets (Because you love me and don't judge me)

Clothes. Only if you are 300% sure of the person's size and more importantly, taste & style.
My summer love is the scarf prints for dresses, etc in silk or polyester.

Scarf Prints by Bubbleroom and D&G

If you know the person well enough...
Accessories - you can never go wrong with a stunning pair of earrings or three!

Nerd stationery things for OCD types at Typo. The over-organiser and list-maker in me is singing sweet songs! This shop is awesome for all the nik-naks and trinkets I'd actually put in my house. Book stands, diaries, bits and bobs.

Personalised music mixes, actual real CDs, DVDs, games, and other gadget stuff.
Taylor Swift's always good and I'm really enjoying indie-rock band FUN, perfect for Summer poolside parties!

If you know them enough to like them enough to give them a gift...
My partner-in-crime Angie is one of the few people I've come across that loves getting lotions and potions as gifts... If you are going to opt for this option make sure it's something neutral without being boring (boys please note: NOT vanilla or coconut, ask the pretty sales girl to help you out) And add some candles to really set the mood!

Cupcakes & biscuits - it isn't a large investment and they're free to do with it as they please. It is a time consuming gift if you do it properly though! Shop bought cake as a gift is a no-no!

Then there's the things you can't pay for that would make awesome gifts!
1. The ability to do my hair (And posses the wardrobe) of the character Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars

2. A relationship with as much passion as Elena & Damon in Vampire Diaries

3. The life of the characters on New Girl

4. A anti-series drug

Have a safe festive season, Eat, Drink and Be Merry :)

Never has a man spoken more truth than Michael McIntyre in this video! Enjoy!