Monday, 21 September 2015

An Ode to Koda

You were never "just a dog", there's simply no such thing. You were my baby brother, my big brother and even my crazy cousin at times.

Holding you in your first moments and holding you in your last moments made my chest swell with emotions I never thought I was capable of. I can't even begin to describe the hole I have in my heart. Watching Lola wait for you to never come home is heartbreaking and I wish with every fibre of my being that we could have saved you. You were meant to live forever.

You were never just a dog. Even when you did your dog things like chew through 3 pairs of my slippers and a particularly hideous pair of pumps or two (thank you). Let's not even mention those soft toys you thought were a danger to your territory. I'm going to miss having you stick your head in the grocery bags in search of cheese and oreo biscuits. We still wonder how you managed to open the packaging with such precision.

I'm going to miss your eyes. Your two eyes. Those eyes that looked like they knew exactly what I was feeling. They knew when I needed a lick or just a paw on my knee. You knew how to make friends wherever you went, pawed your way into people's hearts and never took no for an answer.

I remember lying with you dozing in the grass on sunny, lazy days and wishing I could pause time. I'd give anything for one more of those days.

You were never just a dog. You loved posing for pictures and making people laugh. You were such a good boy and even better when you were naughty. Switching on lights in the garage when I was alone at home and weary, just to let me know I wasn't really alone. Opening doors when you wanted to be part of the conversation or just to say "Hey, here I am". Being the instigator in sausage heists - don't worry, you've taught Lola well.

I watched you when you came home from your last adventure. Your hips were troubling you, your legs a little more tired, your eyes filled with some kind of sorrow. I wish I was able to know what you wanted to tell us.

You were never just a dog. You were one of the best friends we never knew we needed. You gave us 7 years of memories. 7 years of unconditional love. You will never be forgotten Koda Bear. We will love you forever.
Make sure to find Chad wherever you are. Get up to mischief and I hope that there's lots of cheese and biscuits, maybe some tuna too. Thank you for loving us. Watch over us Koda- 2 eyes- Josias <3 <3

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